The aim of this module is to foster entrepreneurship and self-employment skills. It will offer insights into what is entrepreneurship, what are the entrepreneurship skills, features and competences that you should possess in order to have realistic expectations and how to make a business idea feasible, to which obstacles you should pay attention, how to conduct market analysis as well as the resources you need to start and run a business, how to determine, organize and manage human resources, which expenses to expect while starting and running a business, how to do financial plans and reports, what are funding sources, and how to implement all that knowledge into the process of making a business plan.

This module will focus on ICL – Intercultural Learning as a tool to empower future workers that aim to get a job abroad. Module contents will lead the workers through a path involving language barrier, customs and culture adaptation.

Being able to work abroad not only require professionals competences, but also other skills concerning inter-relations field. Through specific exercises the module aim to psychologically and emotionally prepare future workers to face their concerns regarding leaving their own country to work abroad with the purpose to make them able to adapt to the knew “environment”, in order to feeling more comfortable and confident.

Learning Goals

  • Provide future workers with effective tools in matter of Intercultural Learning process.
  • Provide future workers with effective tools to empower their psychological and emotional preparation for working abroad.
  • Motivate future workers to go through their concerns and take a step forward to search for a job abroad.

Learning Outcomes

After attending the Intercultural Learning module, learner will:

  • Acquire knowledge on what is Intercultural Learning and which aspects are covered by it.
  • Be aware of his/her predisposition to open-mindedness.
  • Acquire tools to better prepare for linguistic, custom and cultural integration in the new country.


This module will focus on personal empowerment. Its aim is the achievement of that “must own” skills required to be able to search and obtain the job that you want. Nowadays Labour Market is in a continuous mutation, and is becoming more and more difficult to adapt and keep up with this change. In order to fulfill this need, this module will focus on improving the Labour Market entering preparation of the learner, focusing on main tools and aspect such as CV, job interview, public speaking and Meta-messages. In addition, there is a specific part covering critical issues in a job environment.


  • Provide future workers with effective tools in matter of personal empowerment.
  • Provide future workers with effective tools to empower their psychological and emotional preparation for searching a job.
  • Provide future workers with effective tools to deal with critic situation at work.


After attending the Personal Empowerment module, learner will:

  • Acquire knowledge on how to edit the most effective CV.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills on how to go through a job interview.
  • Acquire tools on public speaking and meta-messages in order to empower himself/herself for the job interview and the job “environment”.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills on how to deal with critic feedback at work.

This module will provide important and useful information on digital competence. You will acquire an insight on the importance of digital competence on nowadays through a number of links, websites, tools and applications which can make your professional or student life easier. It will provide a number of useful tutorial videos on how to use some important applications, links on where to download the apps and other information, which can be helpful for learning and getting more experience.

Learning Goals

  • To get to know what digital competence is and how it can be used to improve our skills
  • Create and edit digital content
  • Store, manage, and organise digital data, information and content
  • Locate and retrieve digital data, information and content
  • Judge the relevance of the source and its content
  • Be aware of the environmental impact of digital technologies and their use

Learning Outcomes

  • Make our working life easier or facilitate job search
  • Keeping up-to-date with the digital evolution
  • Interact, communicate and collaborate through digital technologies while being aware of cultural and generational diversity
  • Protect devices, content, personal data and privacy in digital environments
  • Identifying and resolve needs and problems in digital environments
  • Using digital tools to innovate processes and products

Welcome to the course "How to find opportunities in the EU". It is a pleasure to have you here and being able to start a new adventure together! :)

The course aims at providing detailed information on international mobility projects, both inside and outside the Erasmus Plus framework, while discovering how they can be used as tools for re-engaging in education or in the labor market.

The methodology used will be a mix of formal and non-formal education. You will learn just as much as you are interested and available in doing it.

Our suggestion is to conceive the course as an adventurous trip please enjoy and be ready to dream!